Markku Elg has, for 10 years, produced an energy certificate for nearly 1,000 buildings. And 99% satisfied customers!
Customer References Year
Hyvinkään Purku ja Polttopuu Ltd. and Suomen Energiamurske Ltd. Business and Environment certificate planning. 1999
Suomen Energiamurske Ltd. Planning of Refuse-derived fuel plant. 2000
Koli Vacations and apartments convention. Design and implementation of a year-round leisure home "Kolin Käpykolo" with environment and energy efficiency in mind. 2004-2006
Green Building Council Finland (FIGBC) Founding member and still active with the use and maintenance workgroup of the real estate. 2010
Finnish Local Energy Association Finnish Local Energy Association, Board Member. Administrative work for the Local energy association. 2013
Europian Union Sustainable Energy Week Organizer of the EU's Sustainable energy week event in Finland. The event is held yearly and the participants consist of the EU's member countries' environment and energy respondents. Deals with the usage of clean energy and innovation.

Housing Companies:
As Oy Sateenkaari 2000, Tuusula
As Oy Taivaanvuohi, Järvenpää
As Oy Jämsänkosken Väinölänrivi
As OY Ylänkötie 55, Järvenpää
Sirkkalanmäki 7, Helsinki
Lokitie 22, Helsinki
Järvipuistonkatu 4, Järvenpää
Uudenmaantie 17, Järvenpää
As Oy Kurjenharju, Kerava
Kotojärvenranta 12 Pornainen
Orvokkikatu 33, Järvenpää
Maununtie 20 Pornainen
+ Several hundred townhouse
Energy Certificates, and the review, recommendations and proposals for action, as well as annual follow-up on the impact of recommendations and measures that have been taken. A heat mapping will be conducted on certain plots. 2013-2018

Update 24.10.2018