For us at the realization of an energy efficient building is more than just a energy certificate. Knowledge of the use-rate and total energy consumption of the property, energy consumption of the residents, existing resources as well as possible earlier measures, existing systems and qualities of the structural components are required when designing goals for energy savings with the energy audit and certificate. The on-site energy audit and analysis is the basis for possible energy efficient investments and/or repairs. We adjust and upgrade existing systems. In renovations we plan, follow, monitor and report on the measures that have been taken, including reporting their return on investments as well as their effect in CO2 emissions. When optimizing the energy effectiveness it is important to monitor the overall energy consumption, report and upkeep the systems as circumstances change and to have the commitment of the residents for continous improvement and development of energy efficiency. We at have the solutions and operating models for conserving the energy use of properties and for the continuous monitoring, reporting, counsel and training. We also offer heat camera mapping, council and training for the advancement of energy efficiency. company was established in 2007. Markku Elg is the owner of the company, an energy expert, trainer and a certified author of energy certificates.(ARA monitors and operates the registry of certified energy certificate authors. ARA financing and development of housing development centre is a subordinate of the Ministry of Environment.). View more recommended by Linkedin page.

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