An energy efficient building is
comfortable, practical, healthy,
durable and has lasting value.

The recurring expenses of an energy efficient building are low in comparison to a traditional building which wastes energy as the cost of energy keeps rising. Also keeping in mind the resale value, convenience, health benefits, practicality and lenghtening of the lifespan of the building as well as reducing the toll on the environment. The energy efficiency of the building is primarily a question of the effectiveness of the structural components and technical systems in overall energy consumption, when including purchased energy.

Important information about the issues evaluated in the energy audit and certificate as well as information on who is required to acquire the energy certificate. Accurate information concerning the contents of the certicificate in the link below of page.

Energy audit and the Energy certicificate relay factual information about the energy consumption of the building and the steps which, when actualized, bring the benefits and savings to its users and owners. The Energy certificate also allows the comparison of energy efficiency in the event of sale or renting. The introduction of energy efficient solutions doesn't always require investments. Even adjusting or updating pre-existing systems improves efficiency. When the measures have been taken it is important to track the overall energy consumption and maintenance of the systems as circumstances change. It is also important that the inhabitants have a commitment to the continuous advancement and development of energy efficiency.

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We also offer heat camera mapping, council and training for the advancement of energy efficiency.

Additional information on the energy certificate and it's acquisition obligation on
the Finlex website. *

Information about the energy efficiency of the existing building on the website of
the environmental administration.

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