Cost-effective = energy efficient

Companies and the public sector are capable of noteworthy economic savings by streamlining the energy efficiency of properties. The effects can be clearly seen in the improvement of comfort in the work environment, overall health, functionality and in cost savings. The solutions can also be seen in the public image, competitiveness and especially in positivie environmental effects, in particular in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Knowledge about levels of usage, total energy consumption, possible earlier measures as well as resources is needed in order to achieve set objectives in energy savings. Final decisions concerning the need for energy efficient investments and possible corrective actions are based on the energy audit and analysis. We adjust and update existing heating, plumbing, ventilation / air conditioning, refrigeration, separate heating and other systems. The introduction of more efficient solutions does not always require investments. The possible usage of renewable energy, payback period and return on assets have to be taken into consideration when introducing more efficient solutions. When optimizing the energy performance of buildings it is important to monitor the overall energy consumption, report and upkeep the systems as circumstances change and to have the commitment of the residents for continous improvement and development of energy efficiency.

We design the renovation cost and energy efficient measures. We follow and monitor the returns on the energy savings and renovations as well as the effects of the measures on the CO2 emissions. In addition we offer energy audits, observation, advice and training.

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